No More Sagging Breasts

Did you know that unsupported breasts bounce up to 5 ½ inches during exercise? Did you know that unsupported bounce could lead to permanent damage of the breast ligaments? For some reason women tend to neglect the need for a supportive sports bra. No amount of exercise and tightening can tone the breast tissues. Gravity and motion will wear down the support of your breast ligaments and when that happens there’s no way to get it back! BUT what you CAN prevent is further damage. A regular...
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Shock Absorber: The Essential Piece of Sports Kit

Why Wear a Sports Bra? Did you know there are no muscles in the breast – only skin and coopers ligaments support breast tissue. So any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing irreversible damage. - Wearing a correctly fitted sports bra ensures maximum support and comfort, therefore reducing the risk of breasts sagging. - All women participating in sport require support from a sports bra, from yoga to running, irrespective of size. - Wearing a sports bra gives you the freedom to focus...
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Long Live Lingerie

Bras are one item you should purchase in quantity. If you’ve found the perfect one, and still love it after you’ve worn it a few times, go back and buy several. The more bras you have in rotation, the longer each one will last (and not just because you wear it less, but because all clothes need “time off”). As a general rule of thumb…..wash a bra every time you wear it to remove body oils that break down the elasticity. Read more