A New Year calls for a new you!

It’s that time of the year. The time where we make resolutions that we hope will last us for the rest of the year, or better yet the rest of our lives. From a woman’s point of view I know that many of your resolutions consisted of ones that deal with losing weight, dieting, going to the gym more, or maybe even a change of wardrobe. Tomorrow’s Woman and The Perfect Fit can and will help with your new years resolutions! We have fabulous sports bras...
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Synergy by Goddess (Bra of the Week)

Synergy by Goddess is a bra that bridges rest and play, providing great comfort and support as dual purpose sport and relaxation bra. We carry this bra in a soft heather gray with a soft pink detailing for a casually feminine look. Outer fabric is cut from a powerful stretch fabric with a moisture management finish to wick moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry. Inner cup lining is cut from a non-stretch pique fabric with an anti-bacterial finish. ...
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Dispelling Bra Myths per the Bra Book!

Today we begin dispelling some of the more common bra myths when it comes to your bra courtesy of Jene Luciani, author of The Bra Book! 1. Bras have fixed sizing. Much like a size 6 dress can yield varied interpretations across different clothing retailers, bra brands have different sizing. "Unfortunately, there is no consistency at all," says Luciani. "Each brand has their own 'fit model'. Plus, you can be a different size for several styles within the same brand." To ensure you don't walk out of...
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