The Bra Timeline

The beginning: Women in ancient Greece would bind their breast with a piece of cloth or a leather strip-but, interestingly, would wear it over their tunics. 1500's: To perfume their rarely washed clothing, ladies would wear a scented piece between the breasts, a reminder of which is seen today in the embroidered rosette at the center of some bras.


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Hot Dates for Panties

Pre- 1800s
  • Nice Girls Go Commando
Until the 19th century, only men wear underpants. In fact, they are considered scandalous, a sign of looseness. They are for courtesans, not proper ladies! 1800s- early 1900s
  • Air-conditioned Underpants
Men's drawers get stitched closed at the crotch, but women's are left with an open slit from front to back, mirroring the female anatomy. Called split-knickers or divided britches, these crotchless or bottomless styles allow "easy access" under layers of slips and outer clothing. The question of "open or closed" is a big subject...
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Stop wearing underwear, and start wearing lingerie!

Undergarments have been popping out of tops and peeping from pants for years, but in most circles intimate apparel remains somewhat of an unmentionable. Intimates are, by definition, private and personal. Yes, we see them everywhere, and yet, after all that, people know very little about what lies beneath. As a certified fitter, I would say that 9 out of 10 ladies who come for a fitting walk in wearing the wrong size bra. What you wear under there is an area of fashion that...

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