Just a Reminder Ladies

The bra is the most complicated, but probably the most important, part of a woman’s outfit. It’s one of the few articles of clothing that can dramatically alter the shape of your body. Many women see it as necessary evil, just another hardship we must endure to look our best. It doesn’t have to be like that at all. Others consider wearing a bra to be all pleasure, and no pain. It’s hard to say that about most relationships! Because when it comes to the...
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A Word on Athletic Bras

While a regular bra is designed to provide support, a sports bra is designed for mega-support. It keeps the breasts from moving around during strenuous activities. Even if your pecs are perfectly toned, breasts are not made of muscle, so no amount of exercise can tone the actual breast tissue. If the ligaments that attach the breasts to the chest aren’t supported, gravity and motion will eventually wear them down and breast support and positioning will deteriorate. In addition to the long-term sag effects, who...
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A Tip on Nursing Bras

When the time comes, you’ll probably need at least 3 nursing bras. One to wear, one for the wash, and one just in case. Regarding size, it’s back to the usual routine. The bra should fit properly with the band snug enough around the rib cage that it doesn’t ride up your back. As your body shrinks back to normal, you can tighten the band when needed, or you might need to buy a smaller size. There should be a little extra room in the cups...
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